Kristina Koldinská (Czech Republic) : Facing the migration crisis with social integration instruments

Kristina Koldinská

Kristina Koldinská is an associated professor at the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), Faculty of Law. Since 1997 she works at the Department of labour law and social law, where she teaches social security law and labour law and she guarantees and teaches courses on coordination of social security in the EU and on EU social law. She publishes extensively in Czech Republic  as well with various foreign publishing houses (Ashgate, Routledge, Nomos) and legal reviews. Her research interests include gender equality, EU social law, coordination of social security, social assistance. She is a member of Europen network of legal experts in gender and non-discrimination and FreSsco network (Free movement and coordination of social security), both long-lasting projects run by prestigious European universities and financed by the EU Commission.