Romuald Jagodziński (ETUI/Poland) : EWC Recast Directive: its impact, problems and outlooks

Romuald Jagodziński works as senior researcher at the European Trade Union Institute in Brussels which he joined in 2006. He has published extensively on various aspects of EWCs.His main research interests are various aspects of legislation and functioning of European Works Councils (implementation of EWC directives, enforcement, access to justice, development of EWCs, analysis of agreements, transnational company bargaining, confidentiality of information and consultation) and other transnational forms of workers’ representation. He co-manages the ETUI database of EWCs and is the chief editor of two expert websites and and is an infographics’ coordinator at the ETUI.


Two recent publications:

De Spiegelaere S. and Jagodzinski R. (2015) ‘European Works Councils and SE works councils in 2015. Facts and figures’ , ETUI, Brussels

Jagodzinski R. (ed.) (2015) ‘Variations on a theme? The implementation of the EWC Recast Directive’, ETUI, Brussels