Stein Evju (Norway) : The State as Regulator and Partner in Industrial Relations

 Stein Evju

Stein Evju, Emeritus Professor of Labour Law, Department of Private Law, University of Oslo. Evju was Professor of Labour Law in the Department of Private Law 2004–2016. He served as President of the Labour Court of Norway 1984–2000; Professor (part time) in the Faculty of Law (Oslo) 1990–2000; Professor of Labour Law and Business Law at the BI Norwegian Business School 2001–2003. He was a member of the European Committee of Social Rights, 1996–2008 (President 2001–2003, General Reporter 2003–2007. He served as judge ad hoc in the European Court of Human Rights 1999–2013.  Evju was a founder member, 1981, of the Norwegian Society for Labour Law, its Vice President 1981–1985 and President 1985–2013. He is a member since 1981 of the Executive Committee of the ISLSSL.