Susanne Burri (Netherlands) : Work-life balance measures: recent EU developments and the Dutch approach

Dr. Susanne Burri

Dr. Susanne Burri is Associate Professor at Utrecht School of Law, in the Netherlands. She is interested in equality law in European, Dutch and International law and has published widely on these issues. Her research focuses also on a-typical work, in particular part-time work; the reconciliation of work, private and family life and adjustment of working time and working hours. She publishes in English, Dutch and French. See for a list of publications and lectures (most on invitation):

She is also the specialist coordinator in gender equality of the European’s Commission European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination. She has co-authored many of the network’s publications.  See for information on the network and its publications:



16:00  -  17:30 Session 3: Work-life Balance Charles University, Faculty of Law  - Collegium Maximum