Oradores y contribuciones

Patrice Adam (Francia) : Vie personnelle – vie professionnelle : quel(s) équilibre(s) en droit français du travail?
Ulrich Becker (Alemania) : Need and options for reforms in a national and supranational perspective Falta el adjunto
Stefano Bellomo (Italia) : Conclusion and termination of employment relationship in professional sports: special regulations and particular protection requirements Falta el adjunto
Susanne Burri (Países Bajos) : Work-life balance measures: recent EU developments and the Dutch approach Falta el adjunto
Giuseppe Casale (Italia/ITCILO) : Labour Law and promotion of jobs Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Kübra Dogan Yenisey (Turquía) Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Eberhard Eichenhofer (Alemania) : What demands EU law to assist and integrate asylum seekers and refugees?
Ronnie Eklund (Suecia) : Temporary Agency Work Directive – As Hollow As Swiss Cheese?
Stein Evju (Noruega) : The State as Regulator and Partner in Industrial Relations Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Maximilian Fuchs (Alemania) : Labour market integration of refugees – law and practice in Germany
Magdalena Nogueira Guastavino (España) : Crisis and labor reforms in Spain: a change of paradigm?
Jozsef Hajdú (Hungría) : New challenges for social security in digital age Falta el adjunto
Frank Hendrickx (Bélgica) : What if sport and labour law have become interlocked?​
Mijke S. Houwerzijl / Bas Rombouts (Países Bajos) : Cross-border temporary agency work: social sustainability of a business model based on regulatory arbitrage? Falta el adjunto
Petr Hůrka (República Checa) : The role of the state in labour relations on the example of the Czech republic Falta el adjunto
Romuald Jagodziński (ETUI/Polonia) : EWC Recast Directive: its impact, problems and outlooks Falta el adjunto
Yves Jorens (Bélgica) : Migrant workers and European social law: of a respectable age or time for a rebirth?
Kristina Koldinská (República Checa) : Facing the migration crisis with social integration instruments Falta el adjunto
Polonca Koncar (Eslovenia) : Decent work and migrant workers Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Attila Kun (Hungría) : Beyond EWCs? – Global mechanisms of information-sharing and workers’ involvement within MNEs Falta el adjunto
Jean-Pierre Laborde (Francia) : Social Security, A New Idea For The Twenty-First Century
Kwang-Taek LEE (Corea) : Social Security in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution
Antoine Lyon-Caen (Francia) : The French reforms: What conciliation between labour market, enterprise and fundamental rights? Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Franz Marhold (Austria) : Solidarity revisited – Who for whom?
José Maria Miranda (España) Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Angelika Muller (Bielorrusia/ILO): National social dialogue institutions: European and global trends Falta el adjunto
Maria Do Rosario Palma-Ramalho (Portugal) : Temporary agency work and other atypical forms of employment in a changing labour market: the Portuguese experience Falta el adjunto
Costas Papadimitriou (Grecia) : : The particularities of the “job” performance of the professional athlete: Rights and obligations of the parties to the employment contract
Jan Pichrt (República Checa) : Current challenges in the Czech Labour and Social Security Law in historical context (opening address) Falta el adjunto
Marek Pliszkiewicz (Polonia) : Social Dialogue in Poland on Historical and Comparative Background Falta el adjunto
Lubomír Ptáček (República Checa) : A professional sportsmen – an independent worker? Falta el adjunto
Vít Samek (República Checa) : Crossroads of social dialogue in the Czech Republic Falta el adjunto
Dagmara Skupień (Polonia) : European Works Councils – Problems of Effectiveness
Krassimira Sredkova (Bulgaria) : Labour law guarantees work – education balance
Věra Štangová (República Checa) : La conciliation des vies familiales et professionnelles des femmes Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Martin Štefko (República Checa) : The Guaranteed minimum income for all?
Jaroslav Stránský (República Checa) : Equal Treatment between the Temporary Agency Workers and the Comparable Workers of the User Undertaking Falta el adjunto
Grega Strban (Eslovenia) : The State’s recognition of social partners in social security
Tiziano Treu (Italia) : Public policy responses to the transformation of work and of industrial relations Falta el adjunto
Jesus Cruz Villalon (España) : The role of the State in Industrial Relations from a European Perspective
Manfred Weiss (Alemania) Falta el adjunto Falta el adjunto
Marcin Wujczyk (Polonia) : Social Integration of Migrants under European Social Charter – right or duty? Falta el adjunto